Communications body warns against use of mobile phone jammers

A file photo of the Communications Authority's Nairobi offices.
A file photo of the Communications Authority's Nairobi offices.

The Communications Authority has raised concern over the increase in use and sale of phone jammers and GSM boosters.

The authority says the use of such equipment interferes with other communication devices including medical equipment in hospitals, and undermines urgent communication, especially in the event of a disaster or emergency.

They interfere with, disturb or disrupt radio communication in the mobile frequency bands and this can affect mobile operators' provision of quality service.

“The use of the said equipment interferes with radio communications, which is an offence under section 45 of the Kenya Information and Communications Act,” a statement by CA on Monday read in part.

According to the Act, upon conviction, the offence attracts a fine not exceeding Sh1 million or 5-years' imprisonment, or both.

CA is calling on members of the public with information concerning individuals or companies

who use or sell such devices to contact them.

In April, 41 foreigners, among them 22 Chinese and 19 Taiwanese nationals, were arrested at a house in Runda with hi-tech communication gadgets.

Police believe the gadgets were used to facilitate cyber crime, specifically schemes where people lost cash electronically.

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