[VIDEO] Rare footage of Dedan Kimathi's arrest emerge

An illustration of Mau Mau Field Marshal Dedan Kimathi. Photo/COURTESY
An illustration of Mau Mau Field Marshal Dedan Kimathi. Photo/COURTESY

Rare footage detailing the arrest of Mau Mau field marshall Dedan Kimathi has been made available to the public by a British production company.

The company, , that was operating out of Kenya in the years of the State of Emergency between 1952 and 1960, posted the series of videos on YouTube.

The monochrome footage among other things highlighting the conflict between the colonial administration and the guerilla fighters who waged war on the British over the prime land.

The conflict culminated in the arrest of Kimathi who British Pathé founder , described as the center of the rebellion without whom the resistance would not last.

Kimathi was captured in 1956 by two tribal soldiers only identified as Ndirangu and Njogu.

Field Marshal Kimathi was eventually tried and sentenced to death.

His body was never found after his execution.

The release of the footage coincides with an appeal by Chief Justice Willy Mutunga to the government to exhume the 11 sites identified as possible graves of executed Mau Mau prisoners.

Mutunga made the appeal on Thursday when he handed over to his widow, 85 year old Eloise Mukami at the Supreme court.

The files were recovered from Britain by the Kenyan judiciary on March 1 to form part of its museum’s items on display.

Mukami welcomed the records of her husband’s case on charges of illegal possession of a firearm and ammunition.

She however appealed to the state to give her Kimathi’s remains for her to give him a burial befitting a hero.

“Nipewe mwili tumzike kama shujaa [Give me the remains we bury him like a hero] Mukami said.

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