Stem cell therapy now available in Kenya

Tia Clinics making stem cell therapy accessible to Kenyans

In Summary

• Dr. Arshni and her team of experts at Tia Clinics have introduced Stem cell therapy also known as Growth Factor Concentrate (GFC)

• Tia Clinics has made stem cell technology firmly available in Kenya

Flowrich Regenerative Medicine used at Tia Clinics in Kenya can reverse hair loss
Flowrich Regenerative Medicine used at Tia Clinics in Kenya can reverse hair loss
Image: Tia Clinics

Many experts have spoken about the power of stem cells and their ability to alter the field of healthcare forever. With exponential progress in the field, stem cells are ushering in an age of regenerative medicine that will transform healthcare in ways that are now inconceivable.

In coming decades, stem cells will be reversing diseases ranging from Alzheimer’s to autism, re-growing organs and tissues, and potentially allowing the first humans to reach theage of 200. Thanks to Tia Clinics, stem cell technology is now firmly available in Kenya.

Fact and fiction


Already in 2020, we have seen quick developments that were once imagined to be in the realm of science fiction, namely

  1.  Stem cells implanted into humans have been used to heal lost eyesight in Japan.
  2. Stem cells given to elderly mice tripled their lifespan, allowing “fast aging”. Mice with a lifespan of 21 days lived to an average of 71 days. This is the equivalent of an 80-year-old human being living beyond 200 years.
  3. Human athletes with partial or non-retracted ACL repairs can now avoid reconstructive surgery and instead regrow their own ligaments.

Having been tried and tested on over 5,000 patients and being associated with one of the largest hospitals in India (which is reasonably considered as the prime hub for medicine), Dr. Arshni and her team of experts at Tia Clinics have introduced Stem cell therapy also known as Growth Factor Concentrate (GFC). GFC is a Novel autologous Therapy obtained from the patient’s blood. 16ml of blood is withdrawn from the patient for testing and placed into two vacutainer tubes for 30 minutes, mixing it with an activator gel that works to release Growth Factors. This blood is then centrifuged at 3200 rpm to separate the red blood cells from plasma and growth factors.

“Our growth factor concentrate is an Acellular solution that causes no pain when being delivered to the patient” remarks Dr Malde from Tia Clinic. "3 sessions of GFC are required, each 30 days apart as optimum results are seen in 90 days."

Available therapies

There are four different treatments where Stem Cell Therapy (GFC) is used at Tia Clinics in Kenya

  1. Flowrich Regenerative Medicine
    Flowrich was curated for hair regeneration. Growth factors specific to hair regrowth can be found in the vacutainer tubes that allow 70-80% of regrowth of hair. Hail loss or hair failure has become more commonplace in recent times and this therapy is most successful for people with scanty hair and hair follicles. There also does exist a solution for bald patients without viable hair follicles, which is, hair transplant.

  2. Glorich Regenerative Medicine
    Adapted by most Hollywood celebrities to constantly look young, Glorich regenerates skin. It is often used for multiple ageing signs such as fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, un-even skin tones as well as stretchmarks or scar marks. Mostly used on the face, neck décolletage, breasts, stomach, hands and legs. This is administered by injection after numbing the skin with gel and can also be introduced to the skin using a derma roller/derma pen.

  3. Osirich Regenerative Medicine
    Osirich is a pain management therapy that accelerates relief. The use has had favourable outcomes in much orthopaedic pathology such as tendinopathies and ligament injuries- osteoarthritis, plantar fasciitis, sports ligament injury, frozen shoulder, chronic elbow inflammation, tendon injury, chronic post surgical pain and cartilage injuries. An advancement is now in the treatment of Stasis ulcers, trophic ulcers, diabetic ulcers and traumatic ulcers with good results.

  4. Floshot Regenerative Medicine
    Flo Shot uses your body’s healing power to optimize women's health. More than 43% of women suffer from sexual dysfunction while one in four women experience urinary incontinence of some sort. Flo shot is a procedure that treats urinary incontinence and enhances sexual health in a natural way. Flo Shot's proprietary platelet activating solution is used to activate platelets and to release various Growth Factors from 𝛂 granules. The therapy is effective for treating urinary incontinence, tighter vaginal skin, increased sensitivity to stimulation, more frequent orgasm, improved vaginal dryness, relief from painful intercourse.

    Famed for quick results, it is fast and virtually painless leading to healthier intercourse.

To learn more about stem cell therapy or book a consultation, call 0799 99 57 16 or visit Tia Clinics, S16, 2nd floor, Skymall, 4th Parklands avenue, Nairobi.