Youths suffering because of poor policies — Ottichilo

The governor says stakeholders should champion interests of young people by putting them first

In Summary
  • He said leaders cannot continue fooling the youth they are the leaders of tomorrow yet they are not mentored properly on governance issues. 
  •  He has encouraged youths to take advantage of technology because the world is now going digital. 
Governor Wilber Ottichilo addresses youths in Luanda subcounty.
VIHIGA Governor Wilber Ottichilo addresses youths in Luanda subcounty.

Poor policies are the reason youths are suffering, Vihiga Governor Wilber Ottichilo has said.

Ottichilo said it is time that the government formulated policies that directly involve youths on governance issues.

He was addressing the youth at Kima Church of God on Monday.

The governor said the national government and counties must develop a clear framework that will ensure young people are not left out in the future.

"We can't be promising them to be leaders of tomorrow when they are not mentored properly on governance issues," Ottichilo said.

He said youth funds are readily available, but brokers have hijacked the process to enrich themselves. 

He said the government has allocated 30 per cent of tenders to benefit youths and disabled people, but the information is often not communicated clearly. 

Ottichilo said the world is going digital and there is need for young people to remain alert to technological developments. 

He also urged young people to avoid spreading misleading information that may cause violence.

The county chief further said there is a county youth bill that is meant to champion their interests. He urged the youths to work as a team to ensure the nation is in good hands. 

This, he said, could happen only if they elect "sober leaders with ideologies."