10% of Bungoma students yet to report back to school

Headteachers, principals asked to compile lists of learners yet to reopen so the government can trace them

In Summary
  • Transfers to other schools, lack of fees, migration of parents to other areas, early pregnancy and circumcision among reasons for failure to report back. 
Devolution PS Charles Sunkuli
Devolution PS Charles Sunkuli
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Headteachers and principals in Bungoma have been asked to compile lists of learners yet to report to school so the government can track them.

Only 88 per cent of learners in primary schools have reported since last week when schools across the country reopened following the long closure occasioned by the Covid-19 pandemic.

In secondary schools, some 10 per cent of the students are yet to report.

Officials led by Devolution PS Charles Sunkuli and Bungoma county commissioner Samuel Simiti toured various schools in the region to assess progress.

The week-long operation back to school also included deputy county commissioners, county directors of education and other senior government officials.

The Bungoma team also discovered that nine per cent of students in private schools had not reported back.

The reasons ranged from transfers to other schools, lack of fees, migration of parents to other areas and early pregnancy.

In Mt Elgon area, most students were yet to reopen because of circumcision. Those who underwent the cut in December are yet to recover.

While schools with fewer learners easily complied with social distancing protocols, those with bigger populations were grappling with the challenges of inadequate classrooms and dormitories.

Sunkuli said they were satisfied with the wearing of face masks and commended parents for ensuring the children had masks.

A number of schools were using tents for classrooms although frequent rains often disrupted lessons.

The PS all the 22 schools that were randomly visited had provided adequate washing stations for learners in strategic points and closed their gates to ensure outsiders do not walk in and out of school premises.

Kimiti said the reopening of schools was a wise decision, warning that continued stay at home would have plunged the country into a deeper crisis.

He said farmers supplying foodstuff to schools had suffered during the closure. The administrator said they will trace all learners and ensure they report to school.

Sunkuli urged teachers to ensure strict adherence to Covid-19 protocols for the safety of learners.


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