Turkana leaders call for fair teacher recruiting

Turkanas claim exclusion, TSC says it's not right to deny other teachers their right to teach in Turkana

In Summary
  • Nanok called for affirmative action in the recruitment to ensure residents are given  available positions
  • TSC county director Langat Cheruiyot said recruitment is fair to all people and locals have been considered.
Turkana Governor Josphat Nanok.
AFFIRMATIVE ACTION: Turkana Governor Josphat Nanok.

Turkana leaders have called for fair recruitment teachers by the Teacher's Service Commission, saying qualified residents have been sidelined. 

Led by Governor Josphat Nanok, they deplored that qualified Turkana  teachers have not been considered in the recruitment. He was joined by Senator Malachy Ekal and Turkana North MP Christopher Nakule.

"The TSC in recruitment to fill positions goes for teachers from outside the county yet we have more than 300 graduates from Turkana county who are better qualified to address residents of Turkana, Nanok said.

"Employ those qualified from here who will stay here and can work in any corner of Turkana,"

He spoke during the burial of former Lakezone MCA Moses Lomobong at Nakwamekwi in Lodwar on Friday.

TSC county director Langat Cheruiyot told the Star on the phone, however, the recruitment was fair to everyone and locals were fairly considered.

He said 48 secondary and 55 primary teachers are set to be recruited in Turkana, including a "good number" of locals.

Nanok called for affirmative action in the recruitment to ensure locals of Turkana are given the available positions.

He questioned why affirmative action in Turkana was not being employed as it was in Samburu and Isiolo counties.

The county boss said his government was fair in recruiting non-residents for sectors where there are few skilled Turkanas.

MP Nakuleu, also the chair of the MPs' caucus, said Turkanas should be considered before other people.

He said the poor performance of Turkana schoolsis largely the fault of teachers from outside who have no passion and only want their salary.

“Many parents are taking their children to school so they can be employed here but once non-local teachers are employed, they seek  transfers, Nakuleu said.

Senator Ekal called on the TSC to give proprity to people living with disabilities, esven before other locals.

TSC's Cheruiyot said the leaders' complaints amount to deliberate denial of jobs for other Kenhyans.

“For the last two years, we have been applying affirmative action and we have made a tremendous improvement in recruitment of local teachers. We ensure Turakanas get sizeable consideration," he said.

(Edited by V. Graham)