Ojaamong extends Busia ministers' contracts by two years

The employment terms of executives and chief officers expired last Friday.

In Summary
  • Ojaamong in January warned that county employees who do not work to the expectation of the people of Busia would be dismissed.
  • Those whose terms have been renewed will serve until the end of the governor's tenure in 2022.
Governor Sospeter Ojaamong.
BUSIA CABINET: Governor Sospeter Ojaamong.
Water executive Isaac Alukwe (R) is among those whose contracts were renewed.
TWO MORE YEARS: Water executive Isaac Alukwe (R) is among those whose contracts were renewed.

Busia County Executive Committee members will serve for another two years after Governor Sospeter Ojaamong renewed their contracts.

Their terms expired last Friday.

"Under the Executive Authority, I have extended the employment contract by two years with effect from March 28, 2020. Terms and conditions remain the same," Ojaamong said in a statement on Saturday.

"As a government, we will need to deliver on our priorities, but within and aligned to a long-term approach, which has critical components as outlined in our County Integrated Development Plan."

The executives will work until 2022 when the county chief will exit office after the expiry of his second and final term. He is ineligible to seek another term.

The CECs include Janet Manyasi (Public Service Management), Phaustine Barasa (acting Finance, Economic Planning and ICT), Isaac Alukwe (Water, Environment and Natural Resources) and John Mwami (Education and Vocational Training).

Others are Judith Maketso (Trade and Cooperatives), Grephas Opata (Lands, Housing and Urban Development), Moses Osia (Agriculture) and Okwara Ekirapa (Public Works, Roads, Transport and Energy).

Also on the list are Deputy Governor Moses Mulomi who doubles as acting Health and Sanitation executive and John Mwami (acting Youth, Sports, Culture and Social Services boss).

Chief officers were also allowed to sign new employment contracts and will be expected to spearhead the county’s development agenda as outlined in the 2018-22 County Integrated Development Plan. Set to remain in office until 2022 are Moses Weunda (Water), Gilbert Oduory (Energy), Richard Achiambo (Agriculture) and Eziekel Okwach (the Governor’s Office).

Others are Clementina Omoto (Public Service Management), Prisca Omoit (Finance), Lydia Nabwire and Daniel Mogoria (Education and Vocational Training). Weunda, the chief officer for Culture is acting in his current position at the Water department while Omoit is also executing her duties in an acting capacity.

Ojaamong also retained Nelson Kwamini as chief officer for Trade and Co-operatives, Joy Wanga (Youth and Sports), Maurice Odundo (Lands), Isaac Omeri (Health and Sanitation) and Ruth Mukhongo (Agriculture). Others were Andrew Otiti (Office of the Deputy Governor) and Stephen Nasiagi (Public Works).

"You will be required to sign performance contracts. Service to the public is paramount and you must remain dedicated and continue serving the people of Busia," Ojaamong told the officers.

On January 4, he warned county employees that they faced the sack if they failed to work towards improving the lives of residents.

"The whole county staff should improve on service delivery or vacate their respective offices starting from CECs. It will not be business as usual. I will be visiting your stations unannounced," Ojaamong said.

"All county staff should stick to their core duties by ensuring citizens get better services. I employed qualified staff to man various departments. Those who fail to live to their billing will be sent packing. I'm tired of receiving complaints from residents over laxity by some staff in discharging their mandate."