Bungoma chiefs ordered to promote awareness

Administrators will educate residents on preventive measures announced by government

In Summary
  • Commissioner says assistant chiefs are grassroots leaders as they are in contact with residents.
  • The government has tightened security at the border to make sure no foreigners  entered.
Bungoma county commissioner Abdi Hassan
CAMPAIGN: Bungoma county commissioner Abdi Hassan

Bungoma county has assigned chiefs and their assistants to carry out door-to-door awareness on coronavirus.

Chiefs will educate residents on the need to wash their hands with soap frequently, avoid handshakes, avoid congestion and other precautions.

Bungoma county commissioner Abdi Hassan said assistant chiefs were grassroots leaders as they were in contact with residents.

“Chiefs and their assistants play a critical role in helping the government, hence I have directed them to walk house to house to sensitise residents to take care of their hygiene including frequent hand washing to stop contracting coronavirus,” he said.

"Covid-19 disease is all about hygiene and I call upon Bungoma residents to embrace it and make sure that they are not infected with this pandemic.”

Hassan said the government had tightened security at the borders to make sure no foreigners entered.

The county has not yet reported any coronavirus infections.

Addressing the press after holding a county security committee meeting, Hassan assured area residents that security at the border was tight.

"The main challenge is that many people are not washing hands every time as per the precautions given by health officers,” he said.

Hassan said the county has set up another isolation ward at Malakisi hospital in case the infection spreads to the county.

He lauded the county government of Bungoma for partnering with the national government to fight the pandemic.

Edited by Henry Makori