Five problems Ojaamong, Bunyasi want BBI to address

They call the five key in insuring the country's stability

In Summary
  • The BBI report was presented to President Uhuru Kenyatta on November 26 last year.
  • Politicians in support of the document are popularising the report among Kenyans ahead of an expected referendum.
Governor Sospeter Ojaamong.
BII CONTENTIONS: Governor Sospeter Ojaamong.

Two Busia have endorsed the Building Bridges Initiativereport but say the final document should address five vital social, policial and economic concerns.

Governor Sospeter Ojaamong said regional trade imbalance especially for border counties, a decisive fight against corruption as well as guaranteed inclusivity at all governance levels should be bolstered.

Allocation of at least 35 per cent of the national Budget to counties as captured by the report, the county chief says, should also be firmly endorsed.

Nambale MP John Bunyasi urged the BBI team to adopt a  shift that will see Kenyans and not politicians own the BBI process.

“Kenya is blessed with a diverse population in terms of race, ethnicity, culture, religion, social and economic circumstances, thus the need to embrace inclusivity,” Ojaamong said.

The former Amaogoro MP who shared his sentiments on social media said Kenya has suffered political instability, particularly during elections because some communities feel left out of governance.

Nambale MP John Bunyasi at Lupida Secondary School.
BBI POLITICS: Nambale MP John Bunyasi at Lupida Secondary School.

The BBI report recommends the reintroduction of the office of the Official Opposition and a mixed Cabinet drawn from both parliamentarians and technocrats. The recommendation is an effort to ensure more people from different areas and groups can be appointed to government, thus promoting inclusivity.

The report was presented to President Uhuru Kenyatta on November 26 last year.

It says Kenyans want to see inclusion in the Executive while also wanting to directly vote for the president.

Ojaamong said inclusion at local and national levels will be the best way of reducing constant accusations that some communities are marginalised in state appointments.

He said border counties were disadvantaged since Kenya’s border residents do not benefit much from cross-border business.

“The issue of trade imbalance caused by international treaties signed in Arusha need to be reviewed to save border counties,” the governor said.

He supported BBI's proposal to allocate at least 35 per cent of the country's total budget to counties.

“Allocation to counties enhanced to at least 35 per cent of the latest audited accounts will see each of the 35 wards receive at least Sh100 million. This means each MCA is capable of tarmacking one kilometre of road every financial year, a historic achievement,” he said.

The Constitution currently provides only 15 per cent allocation of national revenue to the counties.

Bunyasi criticised politicians for hijacking the process which he said should have been an idea driven by Kenyans.

“BBI should focus on the needs of the people, each region is unique in its needs,” the MP said.

“We need a final document that has needs drawn from the people for implementation and not political stage theatrics and gymnastics.”

Kenya is in a BBI rallies frenzy break to allow a week's mourning for former President Danial Moil.

He was buried on Wednesday. So the circus will resume.

Ojaamong said Busia residents support President Uhuru Kenyatta's fight against graft, although he said it needs to be outlined in the final BBI document.

BBI proproses selection of a prime minister by the the President from MPs in the majority party in the National Assembly.

It also proposes that all public servants be barred from doing business with the government to help fight corruption.

(Edited by V. Graham)