Busia MCA saves parents from arrest for keeping son home

Promises to pay fees for son and buy necessities.

In Summary

•Family in Budalang'i constituency says MCA Fred Musirimba saved them from arrest and helped their son go to secondary school. 

•He promised to pay fees and buy essentials.

A Busia county classroom.
FEES PAID: A Busia county classroom.

A family from Igigo village in Budalang'i constituency has been living in fear of arrest by the area chief for failing to send their son to school for lack of fees.

Bunalia North MCA Fred Musirimba came to their rescue and agreed to pay fees for their 14-year-old son Reuben Bwire.

Speaking to the Star at his home on Wednesday, the student's father Linus Wandera said his son, Reuben Bwire scored 269 marks on the KCPE exam.

He said the MCA's quick intervention when he learned of the plight of the student while assessing the flood damage two days ago is a great relief to the family since he could not raise in the required school fees for his son.

He thanked the area MCA for promising to buy a set of school uniforms and other basic requirements.

The MCA further advised the parents of the needy student to enrol him at Nayera Model High School which is closer to their home, instead of Makunda Secondary School, which is far away.

"We are grateful to our MCA for volunteering to pay fees for our son," Wandera said.

The needy student said he will seize the golden opportunity and put more effort into his studies to enable him to realise his dream of becoming a doctor

(Edited by V. Graham)