Standard 7 pupil drowns in quarry

He was swimming with his five friends

In Summary

• Efforts by divers to retrieve the body failed, county fire engine had to draw water from the quarry. 

• Residents condemn an increased number of quarries causing deaths. 

A sand quarry in Budalang'i
DESERTED BY CONTRACTORS: A sand quarry in Budalang'i
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A Standard 7 pupil died in Busia while swimming with his friends in a quarry at Ang’orom village in Teso South subcounty.

Felix Oburu, 18, who was a pupil at Ang’orom Primary drowned was swimming with his five friends at the weekend.

“He joined us and after some time I had my friends shouting that Felix had drowned," one of the friends said. 

"I thought it was a joke he would come up but he didn’t. I tried to save him but I failed because the place where he had drowned was very deep." 

Efforts of local divers to retrieve the body from the 15-foot quarry bore no fruits and it took the intervention of the county fire engine which drew water from the quarry to reach the body. The operation took 18 hours.

Ang'orom Primary headteacher Gerald Okisai has cautioned parents to watch over their children especially during this long holiday.

"It is very unfortunate that we have lost a candidate-to-be. I am calling upon parents to be close to their children as they are on holiday, they should not give them too much freedom that may result in accidents or loss of lives, we still need them," Okisai said.

The incident has drawn criticism from residents who have condemned the numerous quarries blaming them for increased deaths.

“We have lost very many people in quarries which construction companies dug for murram and left them open. Because of heavy rains, they are full of water and pose great danger to people.  The government should ensure that they are filled up to avert further tragedies,” a resident told the Star in confidence. 

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