Agriculture Ottichilo's top priority in 2019-20

Administration focus on increasing production and water supply, sets aside Sh535 million

In Summary

• Ottichilo says county will set in motion the Belgium Water Project and the National Agriculture and Rural Growth Programme. 

• He says in its final works for the water project, the county government will facilitate piping to homesteads in ward projects. 

Vihiga Governor Wilber Ottichilo
FUNDS AVAILED: Vihiga Governor Wilber Ottichilo
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Vihiga county has set aside Sh535 million to revitalise agricultural production under the National Agriculture and Rural Growth Programme (NARGP). 

Governor Wilber Ottichilo said the county has prioritised the improvement of the agricultural sector and water supply to residents in 2019-20. This is after it emerged that the county has no flagship projects just two years to the end of Ottichilo's term. 

In his State of the County Address on Friday, Governor Ottichilo said the county administration will operationalise implementation of the Belgium Water Project and the National Agriculture and Rural Growth Programme. 

Civil works for the water project which covers water supply to Maseno, Kaimosi and Lunyerere have already been implemented.

In its final works on the project, the county government will facilitate piping to homesteads under ward-based projects. 

The governor also mentioned the installation of high-mast floodlights and street lighting at various markets as another area of interest. 

Ottichilo said besides setting a conducive environment for businesses to flourish, the project once completed will enhance security. 

“We want to cultivate a conducive environment for a 24-hour economy. One way through which we can achieve this is the installation of street lighting. We urge our people to take advantage of these opportunities,” he said. 

He added that funds have also been availed for the provision of drainage and sewerage facilities and construction of access roads to bitumen standards.      

Ottichilo reiterated that Kenya Roads Board funds and part of county revenue will be used in the maintenance of the roads. 

The road maintenance projects will be labour-based hence create job opportunities for locals, he said. 

“We have planned to deploy road inspectors in every subcounty."

The governor said construction of a talent centre which did not materialise in 2018-19 has been allocated Sh10 million in the current financial year. 

Other areas the county plans to focus on in 2019-20 include the revival of cooperative movements and promotion of aquaculture, he said. 

The administration will also complete the beautification of Mbale, Majengo, Chavakali and Mudete towns, urban planning and spatial plans for the Vihiga municipality, Luanda and Kaimosi Cheptulu complex. 

Edited by R.Wamochie