Man seeks aid after drunk mom scalds him with hot water

He sustained burns on chest and back; says he cannot afford medical treatment

In Summary

• Man, 31, says he and his sister argued over a light bulb

• Says his younger brother committed suicide citing mistreatment by their mother

Charles Lumula shows the burns he sustained when his mother allegedly poured boiling water on him on October 27
DRUNKEN ATTACK: Charles Lumula shows the burns he sustained when his mother allegedly poured boiling water on him on October 27

A Lugari man is nursing burn wounds in silence after his drunken mother allegedly scalded him with boiling water on Sunday night. 

Charles Lumula, 31, has not sought medical attention since his mother reportedly burned him following differences with his sister at their Kiwanja Ndege village.

Lumula is now appealing to well-wishers for help to get medical treatment since his mother and sisters are unbothered about him. 


He said on Sunday, he and his younger sister were in the kitchen preparing supper when a misunderstanding ensued over a light bulb.  

“I asked my sister to allow me to prepare ugali but she said she would cook and requested me to assist her to chop sukuma wiki. When I told her to switch on the light she refused and started dancing to loud music that was playing. I got annoyed and slapped her and she ran out screaming,” he said. 

He said their drunken mother Doris Musumari rushed into the kitchen and without enquiring, removed a pot of boiling water from the stove and emptied it on him. He sustained burns on his chest and back. 

“In fact, her intention was to pour it on my face but when I jumped to try and duck and run away she poured it on my back. I didn’t know my mother would seriously do this to me." 

Limula said he feared to go to the hospital as he would likely be admitted citing bills which he cannot afford.

We could not reach the alleged abusive mother as, twice, she could not be found at home and she had no mobile phone. 

“I am the only surviving son in this family with five sisters. My younger brother committed suicide following constant mistreatment by our mother. I don’t know why she hates her sons to this extent,” he said. 


“This is not the first time she is attacking me. She once injured me using a panga and she has even threatened to poison me." 

Lumula revealed that he has thrice tried to marry but his mother chases away the women and she warns him never to marry again. 

He said she is a habitual drunkard adding that her irresponsible behaviour had scared away their father who worked in Nairobi.

Neighbours described Musumari as a nuisance in the society.

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