52 Kisii schools closed for non-compliance

In one subcounty, 28 schools were shut for lack of registered teachers

In Summary
  • Unregistered teachers scamper from school compound during a visit by inspectors
  • Many schools lack proper infrastructure; if all are closed there would be a crisis
Education CS George Magoha.
CRACKDOWN: Education CS George Magoha.

At least 52 schools in Kisii county have been closed in the ongoing crackdown on institutions with substandard facilities.

Eduction officials say at east 100 more are likely to be shut in the coming days.

In Kitutu Central subcounty alone, 28 schools were closed for lack of registered teachers.

"All unregistered teachers scampered from the school compound during a visit by inspectors," county director of education Pius Ngoma told journalists in his office.

Riambase DEB in Bobasi was ordered closed for having dilapidated buildings.

"And this is the number compiled by Friday. We anticipate the list to grow by Wednesday this week," he said.

In Masaba South subcounty, at least five private schools were closed and the pupils transferred to neighbouring public primary schools, Ngoma said.

In Nyanturago, Nyaribari Chache subcounty, two private schools were closed during the inspection.

Many schools lacked proper infrastructure and did not have teachers registered by the TSC, key requirements during registration of schools.

"The initial factor that precipitated the closure of many of these learning centres was lack of registered teachers. As the Education Ministry this is something we will not condone," Ngoma said.

The county education director said inspectors will be training their attention on 100 schools or more said to be in a bad state.

There are more than 500 private schools in the county, according to unofficial figures.

At Sakagwa Academy in Kisii Central, pupils among them KCPE candidates have not been taught for the last three months, with the school management accused of avoiding education officials during visits.

Ngoma said the school is targeted for closure in the coming days.

"The problem  we have currently is trying to get the school proprietor who is not even picking calls. Nonetheless we have received credible information that all is not well at the school," he said.

He stated that other schools have since been told to put their house in order or risk closure.

"The point is that there are so many schools that are in bad shape and if we close all of them we may cause a crisis," the county education boss said.

The crackdown follows the killing of eight pupils at Precious Talent Academy in Nairobi after their classrooms collapsed.

Education CS George Magogha says the crackdown will continue.