Busia instals CT scan at referral hospital

Residents got free test runs, closed for two weeks to enable institution to do full-scale operation

In Summary

• It makes Busia the 14th county to attain a CT scan. 

• Officials appeal to governor to get more radiographers. 

A patient undergoes a CT scan at the Busia County Referral Hospital on Friday
FIRST MACHINE: A patient undergoes a CT scan at the Busia County Referral Hospital on Friday

Busia County Referral Hospital has installed two modern CT scan machines.

Patients flocked the facility for the services which were offered for free on Friday, serving more than 10 patients.

The machine will remain closed for two weeks to enable the health institution to sort out a number of pertinent issues which will enable full-scale operation.

The installation of the CT scan makes Busia the 14th county to acquire the latest model. This is the first time the services are offered at the hospital since Independence. 


County radiographer Stephen Amwayi said the new developments are good for the county that has been referring patients to as far as Eldoret.

“Busia has one of the most modern CT scans in Western and Nyanza regions. The staff we have currently might not cope with X-Ray and CT Scan but I appeal to Governor Sospeter Ojaamong to consider acquiring four more radiographers,” he said.

Radiologist Namudala Emukule said there was a patient who had undergone X-Ray which only showed a fracture on the skull but the CT scan confirmed not only the fracture but also bleeding into the brain. 

“Such results will give a doctor informed opinion on whether the patient needs surgery or ICU services,” he said, adding that the fee per CT scan will be standard like other public hospitals in the country.

Edited by R.Wamochie