'Sycophant' MPs hurt Luhya unity – presidential hopefuls

Wetang’ula, Mudavadi and Oparanya say they'll back one candidate with best prospects in 2022

In Summary

• Wetang’ula and Oparanya say some MPs try to prevent them and Mudavadi from agreeing on a single candidate.

• Unity of the community is a herculean task, but not impossible. they say. 


Bungoma Senator Moses Wetang'ula
2022 POLITICS: Bungoma Senator Moses Wetang'ula
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Two presidential candidates from Western have accused Luhya MPs of sycophancy and fanning disunity among leaders.

Ford Kenya leader Moses Wetang’ula and Kakamega Governor Wycliffe Oparanya said some MPs are trying to prevent them and ANC leader Musalia Mudavadi from agreeing on a single candidate for the presidential race.

“They come and tell me I'm the best. The following day they tell Oparanya he is the best candidate and again they rush to Mudavadi and urge him on. If you are telling all of us to run, whom will you support then?” Wetang’ula asked on Friday.

Wetang’ula urged residents to take control of their destiny and compel their leaders to take the direction they want as they did in 2002 when Western voted for Narc through Kijana Wamalwa.

He said the community was united, but MPs keep urging their party leaders to go for the presidency, instead of reaching a consensus.

“If leaders cannot lead, those they lead can lead them,” the Bungoma Senator said.

Wetang’ula said he, Mudavadi and Oparanya have resolved to back one candidate with the best prospects for in 2022.

 “Unity is not an option, but a must. It must be unity of purpose to ensure the community has a driver who has fuel and knows the destination,” he said

Oparanya said Luhya leaders should urge residents to register as voters and vote in large numbers during elections to create a movement that can help the community ascend to power.

“I would be a fool to stick to the ballot when I know either Wetang’ula or Mudavadi has a better chance. Our unity is important and I, Eugene Wamalwa, Mudavadi, Wetang’ula and Senate Speaker Ken Lusaka are working together,” he said.

They spoke during the Gala Award night at Roddy’s hotel.

Present were Vihiga Deputy Governor Patrick Saisi, Kakamega Woman Representative Elsie Muhanda, MPs Mwambu Mabonga (Bumula), Chris Wamalwa (Kiminini), Ayub Savula (Lugari), Alfred Agoi (Sabatia), John Bunyasi (Nambale), Omboko Milemba (Emuhaya) and Bernard Shinali (Ikolomani) and a host of MCAs.

Milemba said Luhyas will win in 2022.

“It [victory] will be by pulling down one brother for the other that we shall win the presidency. It will not be by forcing your brother to go against the other,” he said.

Bunyasi said unity of the community is a herculean task, but not impossible.