Not good enough: Rotich cancels CEO interviews for hospital, county directors

Positions internally advertised, applicants shortlisted but Rotich said they didn't meet his standards

In Summary

• Positions internally advertised by the County Public Service Board, interviews were to start this week. 

• Rotich cancelled interviews, said shortlisted candidates by the board didn't meet his criteria for best individuals. Calls for external recruitment.

Elgeyo Marakwet Governor Wesley Rotich
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Elgeyo Marakwet Governor Wesley Rotich has cancelled planned interviews to pick county directors and fill the new position of CEO at Iten County Referral Hospital.

He said they were not the best candidates and didn't meet his criteria as he builds his administration.

The positions had been internally advertised by the County Public Service Board and applicants had already been shortlisted for interviews starting this week.

He called for new recruitment of external candidates.

“By so doing, we will give opportunities to as many qualified people as possible to apply. From them we will pick the best people who will help deliver on my promises," Rotich said.

Four positions for directors and the CEO of Iten County Referral Hospital were advertised two weeks ago.

Rotich said internal advisements had earlier been considered a way of managing the county's high wage bill.

Advertised positions include those of director of resource mobilisation and partnership development; director of peace, conflict resolution and disaster management; youth empowerment and enterprise development (Pepea Programme) and director of the Service Delivery Unit.

"The positions were established to expedite the fulfilment of my manifesto," Rotich said. "The shortlist clearly shows that either few candidates applied and were shortlisted, eventually reducing the pool of qualified professionals to choose from.” 

He said if the interviews went on as planned, they might not yield the desired results to meet the needs of the community.

The shortlisting sparked wide discussions in county social media groups, causing the governor to intervene and cancel the whole process. The board is expected to advertise the positions afresh next week.

“I pledge to ensure fulfilment of my plans to move the county to the next level of development as we will achieve this with support from qualified and dedicated staff,” Rotich said.

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