Sh15 million bridge opens in Likii, Laikipia East

Residents had started a WhatsApp group to fund bridge, then MP came to their aid

In Summary

• Residents had used pieces of wood to link to ridges over the river, but rossing it was perilous, especially during heavy rains.

• The Mountex Bridge in Laikipia East was completed in four months due to cooperation between residents and contractor. 

The opening of a Sh15 million bridge enables Likii residents to move between Nanyuki and Nturukuma locations with ease.

The bridge commonly known as the Mountex Bridge was commissioned over the weekend in Likii sublocation, Nturukuma in Laikipia East.

It was constructed by the government through National Government Affirmative Action Fund (NGAAF).

For years, residents on each side had complained about lack of a bridge.

They had used wood to link two ridges in a rickety makeshift bridge, posing a danger to school going children, especially during rainy seasons.

Speaking during the launch, Laikipia East MP Mohammed Dedd said the bridge is a legacy project.

"It will be used by many generations to come as the government believes in serving the people," he said.

Contractor Jenifer Nyambura said collaborating with residents enabled builders to complete the project within four months.

Resident Kairu Ndiritu said they had suffered for a long time but with construction of Mountex Bridge, their needs have been fulfilled.

“Women and students had suffered before construction of the bridge. Residents used all means. including swimming, to reach the other side. It was a disaster during heavy rains," Ndiritu said.

He said it was a dream come true since they had formed a WhatsApp group to raise funds for construction, before the legislator came in to their aid.

The road connecting both areas was also opened and surfaced with murram.

(Edited by V. Graham) 

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