State buying 6,000 cattle, giving meat to hungry Laikipians

County also giving Sh3,000 monthly stipend, trucking water, drilling boreholes, distributing animal feed

In Summary

• The state plans to buy 6,000 additional head of cattle in drought-stricken Laikipia and distribute the meat to hungry residens.

•Laikipia county commissioner Joseph Kanyiri yesterday said the animals that are facing starvation but will be bought in an offtake programme.


The national government plans to buy 6,000 more cattle from Laikipia herders and distribute the meat to hungry families.

Laikipia county commissioner Joseph Kanyiri on Tuesday said the animals facing starvation in the drought will be bought inan off-take programme.

“Already 400 head of cattle have been bought to cushion farmers from incurring worse losses," Kanyiri said.

He said the county was planning to work with the National Drought Management Authority to distribute water to schools and households.

The county commissioner said the national government had identified more than 10,000 households who will receive a Sh3,000 monthly stipend.

Many animals have died and the administration is distributing food to save others, county water and resources official Peter Mtunge said.

He said the worst affected and i need of livestock feed are pastoralists from Mukogodo East, Mukogodo West, Sossian, Rumuruti and Salama wards, Matunge said.

For four months, the county as been rehabilitating boreholes and trucking water to parched areas.

Kanyiri warned pastoralists against moving towards Mt Kenya and the Aberdare forests and invading private land and conservancies in search of water and pasture.

Migrant herders must abide by the law and seek animal movement permits when shifting from one area to another.

(Edited by V. Graham)

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