Cop shot dead as Turkana suspect uses kids as human shield

Gunmen used women and children as a human shield and shot the policeman in the torso.

In Summary
  • The other officer could not shoot at him as he was surrounded by women and children
  • A hunt for the shooter is ongoing. 
Crime scene.
CRIME SCENE: Crime scene.

A man wanted by police used his two wives and children as a human shield and opened fire from behind them, killing a police officer. 

The cop's partner could not fire back for fear of striking the women and children.

The duo had gone to arrest the man, who allegedly had assaulted a woman. 

Constable Simon Orangi succumbed to bullet injuries on Sunday following a confrontation with the gunman at his home in Koono village, about 70 kilometers from Lodwar police station. He was wounded in the abdomen and right arm.

The woman identified as Awaar Esekon took two officers, including Orangi, to her home to arrest Lokucha Louriyen, who she accused of assault.

Police said barely 30 meters from the home, the suspect came out and started shooting randomly with an AK-47.

He was surrounded by his family as he fired. 

The complainant's husband Peter Esekon was shot in the leg below the knee. The suspect escaped through the thicket.

The officers were rushed to Lodwar hospital where Orangi was pronounced dead on arrival. Police recovered Orangi's rifle. 

Such attacks are common in the villages in the area.

Rift Valley police boss Fredrick Ochieng said the hunt for the man is ongoing.

(Edited by V. Graham)