Three giraffes electrocuted in Soysambu, Nakuru

Company to replace electricity transmission poles, wires to prevent electrocution of giraffes, other animals

In Summary
  • KWS visited conservancy to measure poles, wires and and the electric charge across Soysambu Conservancy.
  • As many as 11 giraffes have been electrocuted in the conservancy in two years.
Giraffes electrocuted when coming in contact with sagging power cables.
ELECTROCUTED: Giraffes electrocuted when coming in contact with sagging power cables.

Kenya Power will replace electric poles and wires in Soysambu Conservancy in Nakuru after three giraffes were electrocuted as they encountered sagging wires.

KWS representatives visited the conservancy following the deaths and measured the height of standard electricity poles across the conservancy.

They said the wires were too low and the charge was too high for the giraffes.

Electrified barriers are intended to deliver a shock but not a fatal one and deter animals from crossing. These were standard electricity poles and wires.

In two years, as many as 11 giraffes have been killed after they came into contact with electrified cables.

KWS said replacement and adjusting the charge will prevent similar deaths. 

Tourism and Wildlife CS Najib Balala is to meet Energy CS Charles Keter to find a solution.

Hundreds of birds also have been fatally electrocuted.

Conservationists  have demanded action to address the trend of electrocutions. They said the high-charge cables  were badly installed and endanger many other animals.

Kenya has 28,850 giraffes, including 12,717 in Maasai giraffes. Some 15,524 are reticulated giraffes and 609 are Rothchild’s giraffes.

The deaths were revealed on Sunday by Kenyans on Twitter, publishing photos of bloody animals under the cables.

Social media users demanded urgent action to prevent excessive electricity charges and animal deaths'.

Some questioned why Kenya Power has not dealt with low-hanging power lines despite complaints over two years. Others criticised disregard for endangered species, such as the Rothschild's giraffes.

“@KETRACO1 @kwskenya These distressing photos of endangered Rothschilds giraffe killed on power line in Soysambu today have troubled people around the world. No delay. Pls take urgent action. Giraffes are endangered @IUCN @StateHouseKenya Asante,” said Paula Kahumbu, a wildlife conservationist and CEO of wildlife director.

(Edited by V. Graham)