Nakuru to fund peacebuilding with Narok

Governor Kinyanjui's administration to finance activities to promote peace between two warring communities.

In Summary

• Maasai and Kipsigis feuding over land, cattle and political power, resulting in bloody clashes. 

• Nakuru to promote peace-building activities between the two communities. Olenguruone Subcounty Hospital to be upgraded with a Sh100 million outpatient unit.

Nakuru Governor Lee Kinyanjui addresses a Narok-Nakuru peace meeting on June 22, 2020.
Nakuru Governor Lee Kinyanjui addresses a Narok-Nakuru peace meeting on June 22, 2020.
Image: Kiprono Korir

Nakuru county will invest in activities promoting  peace between the two warring communities at the border with Narok.

Governor Lee Kinyanjui said it was wrong to neglect the bitter issues, then negotiate peace, yet those who have been murdered cannot come back to life.

"I have met with widows from Kuresoi South whose husbands were killed in the recent ethnic clashes and even though we support them, we will not bring their lost loved ones to life," he said.

He said his administration is committed to fund and support all activities that will result in enduring peace between the Kipsigis and Maasai.

The governor condemned those sheltering thieves who use the names of their communities to steal, though their communities don't benefit from cattle rustling.

"I will reach out to Narok Governor Samuel Tunai with all your recommendations  and we will jointly implement them," he told a peace meeting in Wetemere Njoro.

Kinyanjui urged residents of the two counties to take advantage of their productive land to grow food and create wealth instead of engaging in ethnic clashes that have no value.

The governor said all the communities are legally in the country and nobody will move, urging them to live in harmony and coexist.

His administration is upgrading the Olenguruone Subcounty Hospital with a Sh100 million outpatient unit, saying it will help residents of both communities.

"During the recent clashes, this hospital was so congested by casualties, so we are upgrading it and will deploy more medical personnel," Kinyajui said.

(Edited by V. Graham)