Raids on chang'aa, busaa dens bustling after bars close

Illicit businesses raking in profits but not for long.

In Summary

• Mandago says many drinkers are crowding busaa and changaa dens, exposing themselves to the risk of infection by the virus.

•Police ordered to raid the dens and shut them down immediately.

Governor Jackson Mandago speaking in Eldoret on March 24th
MANDAGO Governor Jackson Mandago speaking in Eldoret on March 24th

A crackdown has been ordered on chang'aa and busaa dens that are bustling after the government shut down crowded bars to control the spread of the Coronavirus.

Governor Jackson Mandago says many drinkers are crowding the dens, exposing themselves and others to infection.

The county boss says the provincial administration will ensure the dens do not operate.


Those chang'aa and busaa brewers who now think they have many customers after we closed all bars should are doing risky and short-lived business. If we don’t heed government measures on the coronavirus, then let's prepare for the worst, Mandago said.

He said government officials should strictly enforce orders to stop any gatherings and force people to stay at home.

The Hindu Community in Eldoret donated 30 water tanks.

Mandago, who spoke while receiving the 250-litre tanks, said they will be installed in strategic locations within Eldoret town to enable residents to regularly wash their hands.

“The measures rolled out are only in place for 14 or 30 days and if we follow them we will be back to our normal business soon.  If not then things might be even tougher," he said.

The governor expressed concerns about residents travelling from Covid-19 hit nations who have failed to self-quarantine as required.

He warned that anyone found violating the regulation will be put under government quarantine at their own cost.


We have a number (0532027027) where locals can report, he said, and encouraged locals to maintain social distancing.

Hindu Council Eldoret chairman Deepen Bhat said the tanks were part of the community's commitment to help curb the coronavirus.

He called on other well-wishers to help.

(Edited by V. Graham)