Hippo hazard heightens, 8th man killed in Naivasha

Eight deaths in three months, worsened by illegal fishing

In Summary

•Number of hippos on the rise, estimated at several thousand. 

•This has been worsened by an increase in illegal fishermen

Navasha residents decry rising cases of attacks by hippos in Lake Naivasha.
DEADLY: Navasha residents decry rising cases of attacks by hippos in Lake Naivasha.
Image: FILE

Eight men have been killed in and around Lake Naivasha since the year began.

In the latest attack, a man was attacked while illegally fishing on the shores of the lake last week by a hippo that dragged him into deep waters.

Four days later, the body was recovered near Karagita landing beach by fishermen setting their nets.


The lone hippo attacked the foot fisherman and he was stuck in its jaws.

David Kilo from Naivasha Boat Operators Association said the number of hippo attacks around the lake was on the increase.

He attributed this to the closure of wildlife corridors and an increase in the number of illegal fishermen operating around the shores.

“The deceased was in a group of other foot fishermen when the hippo attacked grabbing him in its powerful jaws and retreating back into the water,” Kilo said.

In another incident, foot fishermen were chased by a lone hippo near Karuturi farm and they escaped death narrowly by climbing a tree, he said.

Elsewhere, residents of Kinamba village woke up to find a jilted lover had committed suicide by drinking pesticide.

 A senior police officer said he body had been taken to Naivasha Subcounty Hospital mortuary.


“The report we have is that a girl he planned to marry was also involved in a relationship with another man and the deceased could not bear this and committed suicide,” the officer said.

(Edited by V. Graham)