Police gun down thug in Naivasha

Two suspected gang members suffered gunshot wounds.

In Summary

• Motorcycle operators accused of crimes, some suspects wounded.

• Cases of crime in Naivasha have dropped.


Police tape.
CRIME SCENE Police tape.

Naivasha police have shot dead a suspected member of a robbery gang in Karati village.

During the Monday night incident, two men — a pastor and a boda boda operator  — were shot and seriously injured by the fleeing thugs.

The incident came barely a day after police in the town arrested a suspect and recovered a pistol and two rounds of ammunition stolen from a police officer in Kayole last year.

In the latest incident, the thugs had waylaid the pastor as he entered his house at around 11pm before a family member raised an alert.

Naivasha OCPD Samuel Waweru said members of the public responded to the distress call and informed Karati police.

He said that as the thugs were fleeing, they shot the pastor twice in the torso and used two motorcycles to flee after shooting an operator in the thigh.

“One of the motorcycles crashed while fleeing and police who were chasing them managed to shoot dead one of the thugs while the others escaped with suspected gunshot wounds,” he said.

He said police suspected it was the same gang behind a series of robberies, adding they would catch up with the others.

“The gunned-down suspect has been identified as a motorcycle operator and we are closing in on his accomplices,” he said.

Meanwhile, residents of County Council estate in the same town awoke to find a middle-aged trader had committed suicide.

The maize trader's body was found hanging from his bedroom rafter. There was no suicide note.

Martin Kinyua the trader had shared a meal he previous evening and didn't complain of anything.

(Edited by V. Graham)