Bomet tender losers told to present bribery claims to PPOA

Say they have evidence to back their claims.

In Summary
  • Contractors accuse some members of the executive of allegedly asking for kickbacks.
  • Bomet Contractors Association dismiss bribery claims, say the process was aboveboard.
Bomet Roads and Infrastructure executive Joseph Terer in his office.
Bomet Roads and Infrastructure executive Joseph Terer in his office.

Contractors dissatisfied with the recent award of Bomet road tenders should file complaints with the authorities, an official has said. 

Roads and Infrastructure executive Joseph Terer dismissed claims the process was unfair and marred by irregularities. He told the press on Wednesday those complaining did not have the requisite documents.

“I do not sit in the tender committee, mine is only an oversight role but I am convinced that the process was free and fair. If anyone is dissatisfied they are free to present their claims to the Public Procurement Oversight Authority,” Terer said in his Bomet town office.

“This was an open tender and so no law was violated at all in giving tenders to outsiders because contractors from our county are also free to seek jobs in other counties.”

On Wednesday, a group of contractors called on investigative agencies to investigate some members of the executive for allegedly taking kickbacks.

The group said most of those awarded tenders are outsiders who bribed Roads department officials, some of whom openly asked for kickbacks from contractors.

Terer said if anyone has evidence of bribe-taking, they should present it to the authorities. “I do not take bribes and I have never at any time asked for it,” he said.

The official was defended by Bomet Contractors Association. Chairman Richard Bett dismissed the bribery claims and said the process was aboveboard.

But area Chamber of Commerce chairman Leonard Langat said they have evidence to back their bribery claims.

“Most of the contractors from the county were not willing to part with the 10 percent that was being asked for and so they lost, but those from outside the county who paid were awarded the contracts,” he said.

He said out of the 66 tenders funded by the county and Kenya Urban Roads Authority (KURA), only five went to contractors from the county.

Terer said 1,314 applications were sent in, 290 of which were not submitted online, hence, disqualified. 

Langat accused Terer of failing to make public the list of those who won.

“The list should be public but it is unfortunate that despite several attempts he has taken me in circles. This suggests they did [the process] in an unfair manner,” he said.

Langat said he will ensure the whole process is stopped and they have already written to the EACC.

Edited by Josephine M. Mayuya