Bomet 'down to earth' speaker okayed as deputy governor

Ward reps describe him as down to earth and capable

In Summary

• Nearly all members who supported the move said Rotich has demonstrated ability. 

• Embomos' Serbai claimed the speaker was to blame for the failure to present many reports that the house had constantly demanded.

Bomet county assembly Speaker Shadrack Rotich who has been nominated for deputy governor.
RECOMMENDED: Bomet county assembly Speaker Shadrack Rotich who has been nominated for deputy governor.

The Bomet County Assembly on Tuesday unanimously adopted the report recommending the nomination of Speaker Shadrack Rotich as deputy governor.

The endorsement of Rotich followed debate after his vetting on Monday.

Nearly all members said Rotich has demonstrated the ability to steer the county in realising its agenda.

After Governor Joyce Laboso died in August, she was replaced by Deputy Governor Hillary Barchok, leaving his position vacant.

The MCAs ward representatives heaped praises on the speaker describing him as 'humble and down to earth' and a man who can help unite all leaders.

Merigi's Zadock Kibet said, “Rotich is qualified and fit for the position, for all the time he has been the speaker he has been able to unite us and with the governor." 

Silibwet Township's Haron Kirui said, “He is a senior member owing to his rich qualifications and way he has been running the assembly since he came in.”

Robert Serbai of Embomos approved the nomination but faulted Rotich over "his failure to complete most of the stalled projects like the new chamber and speaker’s residence".

He blamed the speaker for the failure to deliver many reports which the house had constantly demanded.

“We never got reports such as that of the County Public Service Board on the hiring of employees that we had sought," he said.

Others who supported the motion are Charles Langat (Boito), Nominated MCAs Janeth Turgut and Cecilia Towett and Leonard Kirui (Siongiroi) among others.

Deputy Speaker Wesly Kiprotich, who presided over the session, said they will hand over the report to the governor.

Rotich will continue his duties as speaker he resigns and takes over the new post.

Edited by R.Wamochie