New seeds to be ready for next planting season - Soi

Maize, sorghum and wheat varieties in advanced stages of development

PROMISE: Kenya Seed managing director Azariah Soi rewards Faith Mburu
In Summary
  • Kenya Seed MD says new seeds will be good for highlands and lowlands
  • Promises there will be enough seeds for planting by the end of December

Kenya Seed Company is in advanced stages of developing new seed varieties expected to be ready for the next planting season.

Managing director Azariah Soi said the new seeds will be good for highlands and lowlands.

Speaking during the Kenya Seed golf tournament in Eldoret, Soi said the new seeds will be a game changer for farmers across the country.

“We are experimenting on three types of seeds that will be ready for use in the new planting season. They include maize, sorghum and wheat,” Soi said.

He said there will be enough seed for planting by the end of December.

“We want to assure Kenyans that we have enough seeds for planting in the new season. As a company, we have faced a few challenges but we will have enough seeds. By the end of December, we will be through with seed harvesting. This has been made possible because we have driers in the region,” Soi said.

Soi urged farmers to test their soil to understand the type of fertiliser to be applied.