Boda Boda riders raise fares in Turkana

They are taking advantage of the annual Turkana cultural festival running from 14-17 August

In Summary

•Over 10,000 delegates from Uganda, Ethiopia and South Sudan are expected.

•Fare to the venue of the festival from Lodwar town will double.

Boda boda operators in Lodwar town
CASHING IN: Boda boda operators in Lodwar town

Boda Boda operators in Turkana have increased their charges to cash in on the Turkana cultural festival that opens on Wednesday.

The festival known as Tobong'ulore, which loosely translates as welcome back home, is celebrated annually.

Over 10,000 delegates from Uganda, Ethiopia and South Sudan are expected at the event that promotes tourism, cultural identity and peace.

Peter Namui, chairman of Turkana Boda Boda Association, urged members to hike charges during the festival to benefit because demand for their services will be high.

He said Tobong'ulore helps promote business in Turkana.

"Boda Bodas operating from Lodwar town are expected to increase their charges from Sh150 to Sh300 to the Ekaales centre where the event will be held from 14-17 August, " he said.

Namui has urged Boda Boda operators to unite and not to negotiate with passengers to lower the fares.

"It's for our own benefit. It is our time to unite and at least make a good profit from this cultural fete. The operators of lodges in Lodwar have already increased their booking to Sh1,000 following flocking of guests to the cultural fete, " Namui said.