Two-year-old child dies in Naivasha daycare centre

Naivasha residents say centres are unhygienic

In Summary

• The estate is home to hundreds of flower farmworkers 

• Woman left the baby at around 6am and proceeded to her workplace

Crime scene
Crime scene
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Police officers in Naivasha are investigating an incident in which a two-year-old girl died in a daycare centre.

The child had been bedded down at the centre on Karagita estate, only to be found lifeless later.

The girl’s mother could not come to terms with the death of her only child. The estate is home to hundreds of flower farmworkers and has many daycare centres run by elderly women. Most of those in charge lack formal education.

Social worker Jane Wambui on Friday said the mother had left the baby at the centre at around 6am and proceeded to her workplace. 

The woman in charge of the centre allegedly fed the baby before taking her to sleep.

“The mother claims the baby was not sick and it’s only a postmortem that will determine the cause of the death,” Wambui said.

Wambui said almost all the daycare centres are illegal and unhygienic. She wants the authorities to rein in the establishments so all can comply with regulations. Otherwise, the problem will get out of hand and more lives could be lost, she said.

“In some of the care centres, one woman is handling more than 20 minors and this is an impossible task, hence the need for the state to act,” Wambui said.

Early this year, a report by the county Health department described the centres are sources of diseases for small children. Residents say the county administration should have acted to prevent tragedies.

Meanwhile, in NYS village, Naivasha, the body of a local casual labourer was found in the morning off the Naivasha-Kirima road.

It’s suspected the 44-year-old man was murdered. Residents said he had been drinking with his friends the day before.

Witness Samson Mburu said the man could have been killed elsewhere then dumped at the roadside to create the impression that he was hit by a car.

“We are concerned by the rise in criminal activities around this centre and the only way this can be addressed is by closing down the illegal bars,” he said.

Naivasha deputy police boss John Kwasa said they were investigating both cases.

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