Senior cops in gun incident record statements

Two nearly shot each other on Saturday night

In Summary

• DCIO and OCS were having a drink with two colleagues when quarrel broke out.

• County police commander says it's only the DCIO who was drunk and who was armed.

A police officer with a pistol.
'LITTLE SCUFFLE': A police officer with a pistol.
Image: FILE

Two senior police officers from Bomet who nearly shot each other at the weekend have been ordered to record statements.

The DCIO and OCS were having a drink with two colleagues at a pub on Saturday night when a quarrel broke out.

The senior officers are said to have argued for 20 minutes before each drew his gun and threatened to shoot the other. 

It is unclear what they were fighting over but sources at the joint said it was a work-related issue.

“We only heard them arguing loudly and upon checking we found them scuffling with guns on their hands,” said a bar attendant who requested not to be named.

County police commander Naomi Ichami on Wednesday confirmed the incident. 


She said investigations were ongoing and that she will initiate disciplinary measures. 

Ichami dismissed reports of bad blood between two units at the station. She said only one of the senior officers, the DCIO, was drunk and was armed.

Ichami said the two did not brandish guns at each other. “It was only one officer who had a gun…one was drunk and the other one was only trying to [disarm] him, hence, the little scuffle,” she said.

Edited by Josephine M. Mayuya