58 Kajiado teachers interdicted for failing to attend CBC training

TSC say they didn't participate in the three-day exercise and employer is not ready to negotiate with them

In Summary

• They allegedly skipped competency-based curriculum course.

• TSC says it will replace the interdicted teachers.

Twenty-two head teachers and their deputies in Mashuuru subcounty, Kajiado, are among 58 educators interdicted last week over alleged insubordination.

They failed to attend the training on competency-based currriculum.

Parents in Mashuuru, led by Pastor Umash ole Letuati, have demanded an explanation from the Teachers Service Commission county director on how their children will be taught from today.


County TSC director Jamal Ahmed on Sunday confirmed 58 teachers have been interdicted for “insubordination, negligence and incitement”.

“They failed to participate in a three-day facilitation training of teachers on the competency-based curriculum held in all the five subcounties in Kajiado, and we are not ready to negotiate with them,” he said.

Ahmed said he is aware of the crisis caused by the interdiction and he has plans to replace the teachers.

“From tomorrow [Monday], we will be embarking on the exercise of transferring teachers from other subcounties with excess teachers to fill those slots left vacant by the interdictions,” the official said.

Letuati was, however, not pleased with the explanation given by Ahmed, saying it is a plan to transfer non-Maasai teachers to their schools.

“This is intimidation of Maasai teachers because they suspect they have links with the county Knut executive secretary Elly Korinko. We are demanding that those who were interdicted be reinstated unconditionally,” the cleric said.

When reached for comment, Korinko said he was shocked that most interdicted teachers come from his home zone.


“Ahmed started a war with me during our first education board meeting. He declared he is a Somali who does not fear anyone, even the county Knut executive secretary. He has now gone ahead to intimidate me,” Korinko claimed.

Ahmed said Korinko incited teachers not to attend the training because he has been opposed to the entire programme.

The county Knut boss, however, denied the claims and said he did not in any way act against the training but the way it was being conducted, with head teachers being asked to fund the drive.

Korinko said two schools will not open because all the teachers have been interdicted.

He said 90 per cent of the schools in Mashuuru had at least one interdicted teacher.

“As a union, we are saying that all those interdicted should be reinstated immediately and unconditionally,” Korinko said.