Why I failed to deliver as governor - Isaac Rutto

Says election losers should support winners in delivery of pledges

In Summary

•Tells leaders to focus on service delivery before 2022.

•Urges residents to register for Huduma Namba 

Former Bomet Governor Isaac Rutto displays a waiting slip shortly after enrolling for the Huduma namba at Chebaraa Primary School on Monday
PREMATURE POLITICS: Former Bomet Governor Isaac Rutto displays a waiting slip shortly after enrolling for the Huduma namba at Chebaraa Primary School on Monday

Former Bomet Governor Isaac Rutto has asked election losers in the country to support those in power and stop fighting them.

He said this was not the time for politicking. 

Rutto on Monday said there was a need for politicians to shelve their premature campaigns and instead focus on supporting those already elected to deliver on their promises.


Reflecting on why he failed to realise most of the set agenda during his tenure, Rutto accused his political nemesis of sustaining the fight against him, saying it led to the jeopardy of several projects. 

He said, “I faced rough times when I was the governor here that is why you do not see me moving around fighting those elected, we ought to give them time and space to deliver. We still have three years to the election.”

The Chama Cha Mashinani (CCM) party leader spoke at Chebaraa Primary School in Chepalungu where he led residents in registering in the ongoing Huduma Namba exercise.

Rutto faulted his inability to deliver on most of his pledges on the people who opposed his leadership style and those eyeing his seat. 

He assured current Governor Joyce Laboso of his support saying he will not fight her.

I learnt the hard way; when you have people constantly fighting you, you hardly concentrate on delivering on the promises to the people.
Former Bomet Governor Isaac Rutto

He cited the construction of a University in Sigor which he said would have helped spur development but failed since some leaders opposed and politicised it. 

The former governor, at the same time, urged residents to turn out and enrol in the Huduma Namba exercise, asking them to ignore propaganda being peddled over it.

He said the digitisation process was important as "it helps to reduce the bulky documents required to access some government services". 

“We are moving into a new era of technology and we want to reduce the bulky documents we carry around,” he said. 

The National Integrated Identity Management System (NIIMS) being introduced by the government incorporates a driving license, identity card, passport, KRA pin, NSSF and NHIF cards into one digital file. 

In Bomet, more than 300,000 people have so far been enrolled in the NIIMS system representing 60 per cent based on the daily and weekly targets. 

Bomet county commissioner Geoffrey Omoding said the process was fast picking up across the county noting the turnout has so far been impressive.

(Edited by R.Wamochie)