MCAs want to sack 12 executives in Nandi

Allegations of incompetence and misspending directed at both county executives and the governor

In Summary

• Five county executives and seven chief officers targeted by the assembly; all appointed by Sang.

• Education executive Valentine Chuma has obtained a court injunction to save her job for the time being.

Governor Sang (C) with county executive for education Valentine Chumo (in school uniform) sing the national anthem during an education day on March 18th
NANDI Governor Sang (C) with county executive for education Valentine Chumo (in school uniform) sing the national anthem during an education day on March 18th

A row is brewing in Nandi where MCAs have started to the process to impeach 12 top officers for alleged incompetence and financial irregularities.

They include including five county executives and seven chief officers.

Executives are appointed by Governor Stephen Sang.

The governor did not respond to calls or text messages for comment about efforts to impeach his officers. Allegations have emerged that he is working with some MCAs to have some executives replaced.

Sang has run into trouble with some of his executives and senior officers over the claims of rampant financial irregularities and incompetence.

Senator  Samson Cherargei has accused the governor of being equally incompetent.

Already the assembly has started the process of sacking
Education executive Valentine Chumo and her Finance counterpart Alfred Lagat over claims of incompetence and misspending.

She has obtained a court injunction to retain her job pending a hearing,

Three other senior officers, including two chief officers for finance and planning and the supply chain head, have been suspended over the same allegations. The assembly passed a resolution to have them fired.

Also lined up for sacking are executives for Public Administration and Lands.

“This House urges the county executive to suspend for six months the executive for Finance Alfred Lagat pursuant to Standing Order No 67 and for gross violation of Chapter Six of the Constitution and the Public Finance Management Act, pending investigations,” an assembly notice read.

It is alleged that more than Sh100 million has been misused in the Education department. The assembly has approved Chumo's impeachment for alleged misuse of funds, incompetence and high-handedness.

The Committee on Education chaired by Emmanuel Mengeech questioned Chumo for three-hours.

She was questioned over the loss of resources and materials meant for construction of ECD centres. The executive was unable to explain why none of the 120 ECD centres had been completed.

Chuma was also unable to why thousands of bags of cement were unused and unusable at several incomplete ECD centres. 

Mengeech said with only two months before the end of the financial year and the CEC had no achievements to show.

“Interim orders be hereby granted restraining the county government from or its agents or employees from interfering with the petitioner’s (Chumo's)  employment," the Labour Relations Court in Nairobi said.

It said called for an inter-partes hearing of Chumo's application on May 13.

Chumo argued that her planned sacking was unfair and blamed her predecessor for many problems.

Some  MCAs have also accused the governor of failing to manage the county effectively, causing serious financial and managerial problems.

(Edited by V. Graham)