Adopt GMOs to be food secure, state told

Governor says technology will produce crops that are resistant to pests and drought

In Summary

• Governor tells farmers to adopt fast-growing crops to ensure food despite dry spell.

• Kenya Seed Company says there will be seed shortage if rain fails.

Kenya Seed Company MD Azaria Soi presents a Sh12 million cheque to Governor Patrick Khaemba
FOOD SECURITY: Kenya Seed Company MD Azaria Soi presents a Sh12 million cheque to Governor Patrick Khaemba

Trans Nzoia governor Patrick Khaemba has appealed to the national government to embrace genetically modified technology to produce crops that withstand drought and pests. 

Speaking to the media in Kitale, Khaemba said with the current challenges in weather the government should consider the technology for food security. 

He said some countries already using GMOs have progressed well.

“From the technology, there are crops produced that can withstand drought. It has reached a time MPs should think about introducing GMO crops,” he said. 

The governor asked farmers to adopt fast maturing crops that will ensure there is enough food. 

At the same time, the governor asked the national government to partner with county governments and review weather patterns for early planning.

He spoke when receiving a Sh25 million cheque from Kenya Seed Company as revenue.

Kenya Seed managing director Azaria Soi asked farmers to use modern methods of farming to realise increased production. 

“Farmers should now plant early maturing varieties of crops and also ensure they store their harvest to have enough food,” he said. 

Soi warned that the company might face challenges producing enough maize seed this year if the rains come late.

“This year will be difficult for the company because the amount of rainfall might be low. That means farmers need to pull up their socks,” he added. 

The company produced more than 25 million kilogrammes of maize seed last year and three million kilogrammes of wheat. 

Edited by Rosemary Wamochie