Student appeals for financial aid to pursue medicine degree course

In Summary
  • He scored an A plain and has been offered a place at University of Nairobi.
  • He failed to get a bursary, he has applied for a government scholarship, appealed to local leaders and has written to President Ruto for help.
Geofrey Maina Isaboke from Bonchari Constituency in Kisii county
Geofrey Maina Isaboke from Bonchari Constituency in Kisii county
Image: KNA

As first-year students continue to join various institutions of higher learning to pursue their dream careers, 18-year-old Geofrey Maina Isaboke from Bonchari in Kisii fears he may never become a doctor.

Isaboke has been offered admission at the University of Nairobi to study Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, however, lack of money means he cannot accept in a country with a shortage of doctors.

Despite scoring an A plain of 83 points, at St Joseph's School Rapogi, his hopes of joining the university are slowly dwindling.

He is urging well-wishers to assist him, adding he has applied for a government scholarship under the new university funding model but he is unsure if it will cater for his entire education.

"I have equally written an e-mail to the Office of the President asking for financial assistance. If anyone is willing to help, let them show us some mercy," he said.

Isaboke praised his former high school teachers saying they significantly contributed to his success and even gave him pocket money once in a while.

His mother Jackline Maina said her first-born son, Isaboke, has been receiving financial aid from well-wishers throughout his primary and secondary education.

The mother of three told reporters a well-wisher had supported her son's education at Rapogi School between Forms 1 and 3 before she fell ill and could not continue paying his fees.

Maina talked to the school's principal to allow her son to register for the KCSE exams, promising she would settle the fee balance in due course, a request granted due to Isaboke’s exemplary academic performance

She has been unable to raise the fee balance of Sh70,000 because the family depends on odd jobs that pay a minimum wage of Sh150 per day to cater for their daily needs.

Maina appealed to local political leaders and other well-wishers to come to their aid and help her son to achieve his dream of becoming a cardiologist.

She said they had sought a bursary, but none of their efforts have been successful.

Any financial support can be sent to Isaboke's mother via M-Pesa Number 0712 695 260.

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