Outsiders have been ferried to intimidate voters – Anyango

South Gem ward candidate says alleged outsiders have come from Kisumu and other parts of Siaya.

In Summary
  • He called on the police to take charge and ensure peace during the campaigns and on poll day.
  • The seat has attracted nine candidates.

A candidate in the South Gem ward by-election slated for December 8 has decried interference by alleged outsiders as campaigns come to a close.

Brian Chieng' Anyango alias Otuom Polo told the Star that non-residents have descended on the village.

Anyango said that the alleged outsiders have come from Kisumu and other parts of Siaya.

"Foreigners have been ferried from Kisumu to intimidate voters," Anyango said.

He called on the police to take charge and ensure peace during the campaigns and on poll day.

Anyango had on April 13 won the ODM nomination through universal suffrage but the late Nick Wanga, brother to Kisumu city manager Abala Wanga, would be issued with the ticket.

Upon his demise, ODM picked the deceased's brother Polycarp Wanga.

The man who came second Geoffrey Ochieng is aggrieved saying that there is no democracy.

"I have decided to support Anyango," Ochieng said.

He urged his supporters to vote for Anyango to ensure that the will of the people carries the day.

Ochieng said the objective of any election process should build and unite a people.

The immediate former South Gem MCA David Onyango Audi, whose name is on the ballot as a UDM flag bearer, urged his supporters to vote for the independent candidate.

"The ODM candidate is out of touch with the issues of our ward because he has never lived here. That is why I have found it fit to back Anyango who has been with the people to win this seat," Audi said.

Audi deconstructed the notion that independent candidates cannot deliver development if elected.

He said he was elected as an independent in 2017 and delivered on 94 projects vis-a-vis those of his predecessor.

"It is mere propaganda that an independent MCA will not be able to bring development projects. It is an outdated kind of politics that has cost us a lot," he said.

Anyango said development projects are done by individuals and not the party unto which someone is elected.

Speaking at a separate campaign rally in Mabinju within the ward, Siaya Governor James Orengo urged voters to vote for Wanga.

He said that Wanga is articulate and has brains which are the only things needed in the county assembly.

He said, he would employ someone from Gem in a key position in the county if they elect Wanga.

Orengo said he would camp in South Gem to campaign until when their candidate shall have won.

Rarieda MP Otiende Amolo told the people not to embarrass ODM boss Raila Odinga by voting against the party.

"A vote for ODM is not for Wanga, that vote is to buttress Raila," he said.

Otiende said Raila would be finished if South Gem was to vote against Wanga.

The lawmaker urged for continued Luo unity to maintain its relevance and position in the politics of the country.

Otiende also told the congregants that they should vote for Wanga as a way of mourning his late brother Nick.

"Kindly mourn your fellow whom you elected but never lived to reap the fruits by voting for his brother," Otiende said.

Wanga who spoke at Siala Kaduol urged the people not to embarrass him and the ODM party.

There are nine candidates in the race.

They include John Adino (Liberal Democratic Party), David Audi (United  Democratic Movement), David Nyang'un (Independent), Brian Chieng' Anyango Obiero (Independent) and Enock Okinyi (Communist Party of Kenya).

Others are Bernard Ondego (Movement for Democracy and Growth), Kenneth Otieno (Jubilee), Christopher Owuoth (Independent) and Polycarp Wanga (ODM).

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