Kisumu cops probe Kondele Sunday chaos

A bouncer allegedly stabbed a man, prompting a suspected criminal gang to raid the club.

In Summary

• Chaos erupted after a suspected criminal gang raided Fabric Club at about 6.30pm to retaliate the attack on one of them on Saturday.

• Police boss Ngetich says the perpetrators were on a looting spree.

Police in Kisumu have launched a manhunt for suspects behind the chaos that marred Kondele on Sunday evening.

A suspected criminal gang raided Fabric Club at about 6.30pm to retaliate the attack of one of them on Saturday. The member, identified only as Mavo, was allegedly stabbed by a bouncer at the club on Saturday.

Club owner Cornel Kombudo did not pick calls or responded to messages when contacted. 

A reveler, who sought anonymity, said the man was stabbed during a fight with the bouncers. But the bouncers denied the allegations.

Kisumu Central police division boss James Ngetich said no arrest had been made, adding that they were trailing the suspects.

“We are on the ground and the suspects will be apprehended,” he said. 

Ngetich warned the outlawed groups in Kisumu to desist from criminal activities or face the full force of the law.

He said the gang is suspected to have been on a looting spree but was thwarted following a quick response by officers from the Kondele police station.

Ngetich assured the business community in Kondele of maximum security.

“We have restored sanity and the area is relatively calm,” he said.

On Sunday, revellers on the first floor had to scamper for safety after the irate group raided the club and attacked people. The chaos brought Kondele to a standstill. It was a no-go zone for two hours.

The group took the club hostage, forcing it to be closed temporarily. Hell, however, broke loose after anti-riot police officers were deployed.

The officers lobbed tear-gas canisters to disperse the warring groups club bouncers and group. The warring groups engaged them in running battles.

Meanwhile, two suspects have been arrested in connection with a series of robberies. They are accused of snatching phones and purses from residents.