Water at Migori school tested after 39 students get skin infection

Samples have been taken to the Government Chemist to determine what could be causing the problem.

In Summary

• On Tuesday, the students were treated at Migori County Referral Hospital.

• There have been fears that because of gold mining activities around the school, the water source may have been contaminated.

The government has ordered fresh investigations into the source of water at St Peter's Abwao Secondary School in Migori after 39 students complained of skin infection.

On Tuesday, the students were treated at Migori County Referral Hospital.

Migori county public health officer Kennedy Ombogo told the press that they took samples of water from the borehole at the school to the Government Chemist for tests to determine the cause of the problem.

“The matter is under control as the students were treated. We have proceeded to treat the water sources from a previous similar reported incident,” Ombogo said.

He said in April or May the school administration reported a similar incident of skin infection and samples of water were taken and tested.

“The initial report showed that physically and chemically the water was all right to be used, but the bacteria load was high, which we treated by that time,” Ombogo said.

There are gold mining activities around the school and fears were the water may have been contaminated with mercury and cyanide. Ombogo said past analysis had found none of the contaminants.

By Thursday, Ombogo said, they had started treating the water source based on past analysis as they wait for further results from the Government Chemist.

“Public health officers have treated the water. We are doing what is in our power to ensure everything is under control,” Ombogo said.

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