Kisii residents demand action against night attackers

Say police presence is not helping

In Summary

• On Friday, armed thugs lured two people from their homes and killed one. 

• Second person found unconscious after being beaten up and left for dead. 

Crime scene.
INSECURE: Crime scene.

Villagers of Masabo in Kisii county have complained that police presence is not helping stem insecurity.

They are protesting a spate of night attacks on their homes.  

On Friday, armed thugs lured two people from their homes and killed one. 


The second person, a trader, was picked from his house in Gesusu town and taken into a thicket near Masabo SDA Church where he was tied, beaten up and left for dead. 

Villagers discovered him unconscious on Saturday morning and took him to a county hospital. 

The villagers want police to undertake quick investigations to determine the motive of the attacks and the people behind them. 

"None of the two attacked villagers is known to have a bad reputation. We are perturbed by this and want investigative agencies to take up the matter seriously," Japhet Onchari said. 

The residents further demanded a response from police officers stationed at Gesusu on Friday terming them as slow.

"A distress signal was sent to them as the thugs swept through the village on Friday night but by Saturday morning nobody had shown up, they only came to pick the body in the afternoon," Onchari said.

The villagers said there has been a spate of similar attacks across the ward leading to deaths. 


Last week on Tuesday, the body of a woman was found lying on the road at Sansora with deep wounds to the head. 

There have been no arrests and the victim has already been buried. 

At least six people have been murdered at Riochungo in the same ward in the last year alone. No arrests have been made, the residents said.

In the Masabo incident in Gesusu, nothing was stolen from the victim, ward rep Benson Ntabo told the Star. He asked security agencies to arrest the thugs causing chaos. 

"We would urge the police to move quickly to bring the thugs and their accomplices to book, otherwise the villagers are in a panic," he said. 

Senator Sam Ongeri, who also hails from the area, called for a quick probe into the incident. "People want to see arrests, the sooner the better," he told the Star on the phone. 

Edited by R.Wamochie