Kisumu MCAs censure Outa over attacks against Nyong'o

Governor and senator exchanged insults last week during a burial in Nyando

In Summary

'The senator insulting the governor is like insulting our party leader Raila Odinga. We cannot condone such behaviour'

Kisumu MCAs have defended Governor Anyang Nyong'o against attacks by Senator Fred Outa.

Led by Majority leader Kenneth Onyango, the MCAs on Monday said the public attacks against the governor are uncalled for.

They cited an incident last week on Friday when Nyong'o and Outa exchanged words during a funeral service for six bouncers in Nyando.


The bouncers were killed two weeks ago in Busia by irate villagers.

The MCAs defended Nyong’o, and urged elected leaders to concentrate on delivering services to the electorate.

They said Outa's attacks on the governor were annoying and in bad taste. Onyango said it was unnecessary for the senator to insult the governor in public.

Outa has become a fierce critic of the Nyong'o administration after they fell out last year. The senator has declared interest to unseat the governor in 2022.

We were disturbed when the senator abused the governor in the full glare of the public. We want to remind our leaders to push back their 2022 politics so as not to distract those keen on development," Onyango said.

Assembly chief whip Prisca Misachi said the continuous verbal attacks by senator were a show of disrespect.

Market/Milimani MCA Seth Kanga said it was unfortunate that it has become the norm that the senator must insult the governor whenever they meet.


“The senator insulting the governor is like insulting our party leader Raila Odinga. We cannot condone such behaviour,” Kanga said.

Aslam Khan (nominated) said they want peace to prevail in Kisumu.

But former chief whip Gard Olima differed with his colleagues, saying t was not the work of MCAs to get involved in the difference between the senator and governor.

Olima said ward representatives should focus on providing services to the people and that the differences between Nyong'o and Outa can be resolved by the party.

“The MCAs should concentrate on delivering services and not non-issues. They were not elected to solve the differences between leaders and if some feel aggrieved, they should report to the party,” Olima said.

Julius Ngenga (Muhoroni) said both Outa and Nyong'o should be respected and left to do their work.

“I will concentrate on my duties as an MCA and address the challenges affecting the ward I represent,” Ngenga said.

Otieno Ngeta (Awasi/Onjiko) said Outa and Nyong'o will resolve their differences, if any, on their own.


edited by p.  obuya