Thieves escape with holy wine, bread from SDA church

They also made away with equipment, including speakers and pews

In Summary

• Seventh-Day Adventists celebrate Eucharist once after three months according to their church calendar. 

• Burglars broke the front and back doors, officials discovered they had been robbed as they reported to church for service on Saturday.  

An SDA church
An SDA church
Image: FILE

Burglars on Friday night broke into Ibara Seventh Day Adventist Church in Nyamira county and stole the holy wine and bread meant for eucharist.

They also escaped with church equipment, including speakers and pews.

Congregants had to return home without partaking of the holy communion following the theft. Church officials said they learnt of the theft on Saturday morning as they were reporting for Sabbath.


"The back and front doors were broken. The thieves ransacked the church and stole all the essential church items," church elder Evans Ariga said.

Saturday's service was held outside the church building. The wine and unleavened bread for holy communion were prepared by the deaconry on Friday afternoon, Ariga told the Star by phone.

The SDA Church celebrates Eucharist once after three months according to its calendar. Ariga said they reported to the police in Keroka for action.

"We have placed it on their hands to conduct investigations. But in the spirit of Christianity, we wish to urge anybody who did this to be touched by the Holy Spirit, repent and return the items, lest he live with a curse," he said.

Elsewhere, a day-old toddler was retrieved from a 15-foot pit in Mogweko in neighbouring Kisii's Masaba South on Sunday morning. The baby still had its umbilical cord attached to it.

Villagers suspect it was dumped by a teenager on the run. Jeremiah Oirere who responded to the cries from the baby condemned the rise in teenage pregnancies.

Assistant chief Philip Mogaka said investigations had been launched. 


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