Community policing a success in Kisii, says police chief

Says some notorious crime zones like Nyanchwa and Mwembe now almost crime-free

In Summary

• Community policing members receive information on suspected crime from public, are collaborating with police. 

• Members warned to conduct themselves with dignity to maintain public trust

Police officers patrol the streets of Kisii town
REDUCED CRIME: Police officers patrol the streets of Kisii town

Members of community policing in Kisii have been praised for their efforts in assisting law enforcers to combat crime. 

County deputy police commander Caleb Matoke on Tuesday said the members have been working closely with the police by reporting criminals.

The collaboration has improved some areas identified as crime zones–like Nyanchwa and Mwembe–to be crime-free, Matoke said.


“They have been moving swiftly in giving police information on suspected criminals whom we end up arresting,” he said.

Speaking in his office, Matoke reminded the members to carry themselves with dignity because residents respect their work.

In July, county police commander Martin Kibet warned them against engaging in crime.

Kibet reminded the community policing teams that they were selected to assist police and not to thwart their efforts or abet crime.

He revealed that his office had been receiving complaints that some community policing members were colluding with criminals. He warned them that residents will lose confidence in them if they don't conduct themselves as required. 

 “The work of the members is to monitor security in their respective areas. They are supposed to report to police any funny characters for swift action and not take the law into their own hands,” Kibet said.

Matoke told them to keep vigil on youths who smoke bhang and sell it at various bus terminuses.


“We know some few elements that are out to taint the name of members for selfish interests. They will be replaced if identified,” the deputy commander said.

Edited by R.Wamochie