Ex-MCA files petition to remove Homa Bay executive

Kennedy Ondiek says finance CEC K'Oriko has centralised funds in his office and was obstructing implementation of projects

In Summary

• A former Homa Bay MCA has filed a petition to the county assembly to demand sacking of Finance Executive Nicholas K’Oriko

Homa Bay Governor Cyprian Awiti
PETITIONED: Homa Bay Governor Cyprian Awiti
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A former Homa Bay MCA has filed a petition with the county demanding that finance executive Nicholas K'Oriko be sacked for obstructing implementation of projects.

Kennedy Ondiek, an ex-Kibiri ward representative presented the petition to the clerk of the county assembly Daniel Kaudo on Wednesday.

He accuses K'Oriko of centralising funds meant for development in his office instead of disbursing the cash to other departments to implement the projects.


“Contractors who win tenders in various departments suffer due to non-payment because funds have been centralised. K’Oriko is an impediment to implementation of development projects,” Ondiek said.

He was addressing reporters after presenting the petition. He said he had informed governor Cyprian Awiti about the request.

“It’s not good to hold the county at ransom over finance. Public resources are not meant for an individual,” Ondieki said.

The former MCA said the Homa Bay government has set aside more than Sh15 billion for development since its inception in 2013 yet little has been achieved.


He said residents were not receiving development projects commensurate with the funds the county had received from the National Treasury.

Ondieki asked MCAs to impeach or recommend the sacking of the executive. “I’m requesting our MCAs to debate this petition and ensure K’Oriko is removed from office,” he said.

The ward reps will scrutinise the petition before it is taken to the assembly plenary for debate. If approved, the assembly will recommend to Awiti that K’Oriko be sacked.


“We’ve received the petition and we’ll follow the necessary procedure in handling it,” Kaudo said.  

K'Oriko could not be reached for comment. He did not answer phone calls nor replied to text messages sent to him.

Some residents dismissed Ondiek as saboteur. Ely Oyier, Reagan Ochieng’, Shem Orina and Maurice Okiki said the former MCA was out to cause tension in the executive. “Awiti should be given time to implement projects. No development can be realised where there is tension,” Oyier said.

edited by peter obuya