Migori villagers call for KWS help as hippos kill five cows

Herd wandered into the homestead while returning to the lake after grazing overnight

In Summary

• Attacks said to be frequent with the current long rains forcing the animals to venture further into villagers after floods hit the area. 

• KWS official says hippo attacks along Lake Victoria are normal. 


Nyatike residents living along Lake Victoria have complained of hippo invasions.

They said on Friday that their livestock have been attacked and crops destroyed.

In Nyora village, Kakelo Kakoth sublocation, a hippo killed five cows after it wandered into a homestead while returning to the lake after grazing overnight.

Assistant chief Sospeter Odege said the attacks have been frequent, with the current long rains worsening the situation.

“The latest victim is Martin Awino Ogenga, whose five cows were killed by the animals,” Odege said.

Ogenga said he woke up at dawn to find hippos attacking his animals.

“They roam in herds. We've been forced to be home before dusk and only venture out in the morning,” he said.

South Nyanza Kenya Wildlife Service coordinator Grace Wendoti said they had yet to receive any reports.

“We will call administrators to ascertain the scale of the attack and follow up with official action,” she said.

She said they would deploy officers to investigate, adding, however, that hippo raids along the lake are normal.

Edited by R.Wamochie