IEBC targets 10,000 new voters in Siaya

Registered voters will be assisted to verify their names and polling stations in week-long exercise

In Summary

• Eligible voters who miss registration can get the service at Huduma centres.

• Siaya Deputy Governor James Okumbe tells IEBC to collaborate with county governments to enhance voter education.

Siaya county electoral manager Ruth Kulundu
NEW REGISTRATION: Siaya county electoral manager Ruth Kulundu

The electoral commission has rolled out registration in Siaya county targeting 10,000 new voters.

County IEBC election manager Ruth Kulundu said the agency has embarked on voter registration and education throughout the country.

“In Siaya, we have a target of 10,000 voters to be registered and the exercise has been combined with education of youths to have knowledge on BVR kits and processes involved in the elections,” Kulundu said.


Speaking during the launch of the exercise at Karapul Primary School, Kulundu said they will help voters to verify their names and polling stations.

The exercise aims to increase the 19.6 million registered voters by three per cent by June next year.

Registration will run for one week but residents can visit Huduma centres for the service thereafter.

Apart from voter registration and education, IEBC has launched tree planting to increase forest cover in Siaya.

“We have launched the exercise in Siaya by increasing the tree coverage at Karapul school and will move to the other five subcounties where will hold meetings at market centres to ensure residents have trust and confidence in IEBC,” Kulundu said.

IEBC intends to improve the accuracy of the register of voters by implementing audit recommendations, she said.


Registered voters will be allow to transfer from one electoral area to another.


Kulundu said the commission will update its register of voters by correcting any errors identified by the KPMG audit.

Siaya Deputy Governor James Okumbe said there is a need for collaboration between county governments and IEBC to enhance voter education.

He said that the commission should continually engage stakeholders and sensitise the public on voting processes.