Houses on Kisii riparian land demolished

90-day evacuation notice expired, traders count losses, others homeless

In Summary

• Houses built along River Nyakomisaro which passes through middle of Kisii town were torn down.

•Youths with car wash business lost their county-built shed over pollution by dirty water and oil draining into the river. 

A bulldozer pulls down a building on a riparian area in Kisii town
A bulldozer pulls down a building on a riparian area in Kisii town

A number of houses on riparian land in Kisii were demolished on Wednesday.

The houses were constructed along River Nyakomisaro which passes in the middle of Kisii town. They were brought down after expiration of a 90-day ultimatum given to owners by the National Environment Management Authority. 

The demolition that started from Mwembe and was witnessed by armed police officers left tenants astonished, not knowing where to reside next.

Traders were counting loses as their property was pulled down.

Youths who engage in car wash business at Daraja Moja were not spared as their structure constructed by the county was destroyed.

“We do know what offence we have committed to require the destruction of our work shed. We do not where to get our daily bread,” the Star overheard one youth say.

The demolition started before dawn and was extended to late evening.

The car wash was demolished because the dirty water and oil from vehicles have been draining into the river.

A team from Nema Gusii Water and Sanitation Company, Water Resource Users Association, the National Construction Authority and Public Health oversaw the exercise.

The county government has been issuing warnings that houses and businesses constructed on drainage and sewer lines will be demolished.


Residents who draw water from the river risk contracting diseases.

Environment chief officer Charles Nyakweba said the move has come at the right time, not only to save riparian land but also lives of people who use the water.

There were reports a new hotel was  targeted for demolition.

(Edited by R.Wamochie)