Sh12m water project to benefit 5,000 Gem residents

Official says initiative will end perennial water shortage in Sirembe

In Summary

• Long-suffering residents to access clean water after Sh12 million project is completed.

• Leaders told to focus on development and not politics.

Residents queue at a water point in Awasi, Kisumu county
SHORTAGE Residents queue at a water point in Awasi, Kisumu county

About 5,000 residents of Sirembe in Gem will access clean water after a Sh12 million project is completed.

“We want our people, including children in school, to access clean and safe water,” Sirembe community water project director Sam Opot said on Tuesday.

Opot, who spoke at Sirembe during the launch of the project, said the second phase of the project will be unveiled soon.

He said Ujimbe area suffers an acute water shortage with children and women forced to walk long distances in search of the commodity. "That should now be a thing of the past following the launch of this ambitious project."

He criticised Gem MP Elisha Odhiambo, saying the lawmaker has been involved in too much politicking instead of focusing on development to better the lives of residents.

“The MP should be visiting and listening to the plight of the residents. He needs to see how his electorates are suffering.”

Opot asked the MP to address poor education standards, roads, health services and inadequate water supply.

He challenged voters to elect leaders with a development record and not those tainted by corruption.

“We should choose leaders who can tackle the problems facing us and not those thriving in politics of division and insults at funerals,” he said.

Opot said constant politicking was not healthy for growth and called on Kenyans to separate politics from development. “It is my humble appeal that going forward, we need to elect good leaders who are determined to improve our living standards.” 

He asked, “How do you want our region to develop when all the elected leaders do is hurl insults and politick instead of championing issues that help their constituents?" 

He praised the handshake between President Uhuru Kenyatta and opposition chief Raila Odinga, saying it has ensured political stability for economic growth.

Opot urged Kenyans to separate politics from development.

Odhiambo also asked leaders to shun politics and concentrate on development. He said politics should be put aside until the next elections in 2022.

The MP said succession politics is not healthy at the moment as Kenyans would lose focus.

Edited by Peter Obuya