Governor’s plan to raise travelling funds rejected

Siaya governor Cornell Rasanga. /FILE
Siaya governor Cornell Rasanga. /FILE

Siaya governor Cornell Rasanga has been forced to eat a humble pie after his early traveling allowances of Sh57 million were dropped in the proposed supplementary budget.

Rasanga had proposed an increase of his traveling cost from Sh8 million to Sh27 million and the daily subscription allowance from Sh16 million to Sh29 million.

MCAs raised concern, condemning the governor for withdrawing funds meant for development and acquisition of drugs to fund his travels.

They rejected the first proposed supplementary budget that was tabled in the House on November 14 saying the governor should align his proposal in accordance with the law.

Rasanga had also scrapped off Sh30 million meant for Ward Development projects insisting the fund was not in line with the law.

On Tuesday, he presented a polished supplementary budget complying with the Assembly’s concern.

The budget was tabled by the Budget and Appropriations Committee chair Sylvester Madialo who welcomed members for scrutiny of the document.

Members who contributed warned the governor that they were only adopting the document with amendments.

The MCAs told Rasanga to reinstate the Sh7.5 million allocated to women, youths, and people living with disability which he had scrapped off.

The members also told the governor to come clean on the rollovers money

“In a radio talk show, the governor said they have rolled over Sh1.7 billion while some of his officers are saying they rolled over Sh1.4 billion and in the report to the assembly they say they have rolled over Sh1.2 billion,” Bernard Adalla nominated MCA said.

Adalla said the double speak from the executive over the rollovers is a clear indication that something is not right.

However, West Asembo MCA Ambrose Akuno rejected the revised supplementary budget insisting that by adopting the revised budget will look like they have been compromised.

Akuno told the governor not to take the assembly for granted to present flimsy reports and except the assembly to give him a second chance.

The MCA said the assembly would have rejected the second supplementary budget in totality to teach Rasanga and his cronies a long-term lesson.