Malindi family seeks justice for kin found dead in forest

Family says he asked his wife for Sh2,000 to bail himself out of Kizingo police station on the night that he went missing

In Summary
  • Baraka had requested Sh2,000, saying he had been arrested and was being taken to Kizingo Police Station
  • Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI) officers tracked Baraka’s phone and informed the family that it had been traced in Mtopanga, Mombasa
Emmanuel Baraka, 23
Emmanuel Baraka, 23

A family in Malindi, Kilifi county is seeking justice for its kin who died under unclear circumstances.

The body of Emmanuel Baraka, 23, was found at Jilore Forest within Arabuko Sokoke Forest along Malindi Tsavo Road.

Baraka’s family said he called his wife on March 2 at night, saying he had been arrested.

During the call, he asked for Sh2,000 to bail himself out of Kizingo police station.

Baraka's brother, Sylvester Yaa, said the following day, he was told Baraka was missing.

“Since I was in Malindi, I asked the wife to report the matter to the police station. She recorded a statement under OB number 63/03/03/24 at 19.40 hours,” Yaa said.

He said DCI officers told the family that Baraka's phone had been traced in Mtopanga, Mombasa.

“The detectives advised us to go to Mtopanga in Mombasa to meet another officer, who will help us track the phone,” he said.

However, the Mombasa detectives could not trace the phone and advised the family to go back to Malindi.

“On Friday, the police called and informed us that a body had been recovered in Jilore Forest and had been taken to the mortuary,” Yaa said.

He said the family could not identify the body, as it was badly decomposed. However, the wife recognised the clothes as those of her husband.

The family believes their brother was abducted and killed by criminals.

“What is not adding up is the theory of his mobile phone being tracked to Mtopanga,” Yaa said.

The family is however left with many questions as it proceeds with burial preparations.

“How can it be that we could not identify him just two weeks after he was reported missing? Some of us suspect that the Baraka was sprayed with acid, hence the state of the body,” Yaa said.

The family is appealing for help to conduct a DNA test and pursue justice.

“The whole family is relying on the wife’s statement that the clothes were her husband's, but they were just tattered rags. We do not have enough money for DNA and we need to bury him,” he said.

When contacted for a comment, Malindi DCIO Stephen Ambani said the matter is still under investigation.

“We will treat the case with the urgency it deserves and we will be able to give a comprehensive brief later,” he said.

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